It's 22 Days till Super League XXIII, and wearing the number 22 shirt in 2018 is Alex Mellor! After making his debut in 2017, Alex went on to play in 27 games, as a forward and a back, and made some really impressive stats in the process. By the end of the year he was our 4th best metre maker (2235m), had the 3rd most carries (309) and even got 3 tries in the process.
We caught up with Alex to see how preseason has been going, and to hear his ambitions for 2018
Hi Alex. The team's 2 months into preseason now, how have things been going?
Preseason has been great, everyone was in at staggered times due to international duties but we have all ripped in when we can, and have all benefited massively.
Last year was an inconsistent one for the Giants, what are the club hoping to achieve in 2018?
Yeah we weren't too happy with last year, but are looking to build and push our way towards Old Trafford if we can!
2017 was a great debut season for you, playing in all but 3 Super League games, making over 2000m and putting in some huge hits. What are your personal goals for 2018?
I really enjoyed 2017 and in 2018 I'm looking to play as regularly as possible - which is a tough task as we have a strong squad - and to win more games than I did last year
You moved around a bit last year, playing as a forward and a back. Are you looking to keep this utility value going into 2018, or are you looking to focus on one position?
I am a back rower by trade, but the more experience I get at centre the more I am learning and am starting to become accustomed to what to do there, so either position would suffice
If you had to sum up your expectations for our 2018 season in 3 words, what would you say?
Grand final contention!