14 days until Super League! Dale Ferguson will be wearing the number 14 shirt this year, we caught up with him to talk about his return to the Giants, his 2018 ambitions, and his World Cup experience
Hi Dale. The team's 2 months into preseason now, how have things been going?
Things have been going good, thank you. Team's training well and some boys stepping up while we had a lot of guys with the World Cup.
You spent last week training with the military, what was that like?
Army camp was a good team building exercise and I think the boys benefitted.
Last year was an inconsistent one for the Giants, what are the club hoping to achieve in 2018?
We started he season way too slow and had to grind hard to make the 8. This year we need to be better from the off. With the team we have and training we've done I think we will defo be ready round 1!
It was great to have you back at the club in 2017, you put in some top performances despite missing quite a few games to injury. What are your personal goals for 2018?
Yeh I enjoyed being back. For me I think it's just being consistent on and off the field, so maintaining my body so I play as much as I can.
Scotland struggled against some tough opposition in the World Cup, but you had some good individual performances. How do you think your experiences in Australia will help you in 2018
Same as anyone who went to World Cup really. It's a big stage and against the world's best so you learn a lot from it. And hopefully I can pass it on to other players and also make myself a better player.